Cremation is a National Trend... And You Need A National Solution.

You know the world is changing all around. New-generation consumers are requiring new services, new approaches and new models of funeral service. In addition, increasing numbers of consumers are choosing alternative approaches to funerals that include a rapidly increasing number of cremations without services or memorials.

The irony is that the emotional issues that a family faces when they lose a loved one are exactly the same whether they choose cremation or burial-and in important ways families who choose direct cremations are being short-changed.

These families are not making use of the services that you offer; services that have been proven to help families deal with grief and reach closure.

To help these families, we have to show them the value of the services and products we provide not in a vacuum, but in the context of helping them move from grief to closure.

We need to show them that we are part of a complete "care-giving continuum" that is designed to deal with the key issue facing all families: how to deal with the loss of a loved one. That's why we are proud to introduce The Remembrance Process.

What The Remembrance Process brings to you:

  • Remembrance TV Commercials that touch on the inherent value of your services and products. These commercials are designed to reach consumers, show them the value of your services and products in the context of closure, and lead families to Authorized Remembrance Partners.
  • A National Website and Internet Marketing Program that provides consumers with everything they need to know about end of life issues, The Remembrance Process, dealing with funeral emergencies, memorialization, and much more.
  • Access to The Remembrance Process - making you part of a care-giving continuum linking you to hospice, clergy and to cemetery professionals. The Remembrance Process gives hospice and clergy reasons to work with you to help families deal with the grief and show the value of the services and products you provide.
  • Remembrance Process Charts, Videos, and Point of Purchase materials that emphasize how you help families move from grief to closure. Helping families move from grief to closure is a noble role, and through video, websites, and print materials we communicate your role for all families whether they choose cremation or burial.
  • A National PR Campaign not about products but about the importance of Remembrance in the closure process, and is designed to influence the media and your families before they come to your funeral home.

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The Remembrance Process and its components are Trademarked by Matthews International